Investment20/20 Trainee Position: Business: Risk, Culture, Resilience

We are looking for someone who would like the opportunity to understand the investment management industry. It will provide a unique opportunity to gain exposure to a diverse range of subject areas and influential people within the investment management industry. You will have opportunity to shadow the specialist members of the team gaining an understanding of our work with the industry, regulators and government. Areas of focus of the team include culture and conduct, talent and D&I, operational and cyber resilience.

The Investment20/20 trainee position is aimed at graduates.  It is a one year trainee contract, however, it is our intention to offer you a permanent position at the end.  While you may not have an in-depth understanding of the investment management industry, this traineeship will provide you with a good introductory opportunity from which to progress your career. 

You will be part of the wider Investment20/20 community with the opportunity to build relationships with trainees outside of the IA through both social and professional events.

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Communications Manager

Overview of the role 

Assist the Head of Media Relations in promoting and defending the world’s leading buy-side members of the financial services industry. Taking a leading role in fielding calls from journalists, developing press lines with policy colleagues and monitoring news coverage throughout the day as part of a monitoring rota. The role will also take a lead building and maintaining excellent relationships with the investment management sector trade press. They will act as a spokesperson for the IA across all media outlets and help showcase the knowledge and expertise of the IA’s policy experts.

They will also work with the Head of Media Relations in developing and delivering proactive stories and campaigns that aims to showcase the best practice of the asset management industry in areas such as stewardship and corporate governance, diversity, development of non-bank finance and fair and effective markets.  The role also involves maintaining and developing the organisations’ strategic forward look grid which shapes press activity. Assist in drafting articles for mainstream papers, blogs and trade press and occasional speechwriting. They will also play a key role in managing the Association’s digital and social media presence, managing the media centre and uploading content other onto its website.

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European Affairs Manager

Overview of the Role 

As Andy Haldane, The Bank of England’s Chief Economist, said in 2014 “it is quite possible the age of asset management is upon us”. The last few years has seen our sector thrust into the spotlight and increasingly scrutinised by the media, regulators, and politicians. As our industry adjusts to ‘life on the public square’, with all the added responsibility this naturally brings,  we are looking for a great team to help us navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, help the industry tell the story of what it does, and better explain why it matters to people.

The space in which our industry operates – such as productivity, corporate governance, delivering public services for an ageing population in an age of continued fiscal constraint, and how to get citizens saving for the long term - has never been more central to the public debate in the UK and the EU. It is an exciting time to be in this industry, and the IA is embracing the opportunities this newfound public awareness is bringing.

While securing a negotiated Brexit Agreement is a crucial priority for the industry, many of our members operate in both the UK and the EU. Amid a period of significant political and regulatory change for our member firms as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU in June 2016, the IA is committed to Europe and ensuring that our member’s interests are well-represented in both the UK and the EU.

Against this background, the European Affairs Manager will work closely with the Head of European Affairs and Corporate Affairs Director to implement the IA’s European Engagement Strategy. They will also be responsible for the dissemination of information to member organisations and stakeholders on a wide range of issues, with a particular emphasis on developments from the European Parliament and Commission, as well as critical developments in European capitals..  

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Corporate Affairs Trainee

Overview of the Role 
We are looking for a bright and articulate person with an interest in financial services to join our Corporate Affairs team for a fixed term one year traineeship.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work with both the UK Government Affairs and Media Relations teams on high profile business and consumer-driven PR campaigns, as well as on the IA’s government relations strategy. You will have opportunity to shadow specialist members of the team gaining an understanding of our work with the industry, media and policymakers.  

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