IA TITAN powered by Anomali is the real-time Threat InTelligence Alert Network designed for the investment management industry. The dashboard converges alerts from law enforcement, government agencies, and other relevant authorities, on ongoing cyber hazards and risks which are tailored specifically for the investment management industry. The alerts cover a range of threats including: malware, ransomware, and software vulnerabilities. 

The Investment Association (IA) is helping in the fight against cybercrime with TITAN, to enable IA members to leverage a cyber threat intelligence platform, to assist investment managers to defend against cybersecurity threats.


About Anomali 

Anomali ThreatStream Analyst is designed to enable the secure and meaningful sharing of relevant threat intelligence — Indicators of Compromise, through to more strategic intelligence around Threat Actors, Campaigns, TTP’s and Vulnerabilities. This allows community members to take a proactive approach by gaining insight into their adversaries.

Participant members can gain additional benefits by upgrading to Anomali’s enterprise-grade solutions to further ‘operationalise’ the threat intelligence, through uniting all the tools in their security infrastructure, speeding the detection of threats and enabling proactive defence measures.

This system is only available to members of the Investment Association

How it works?

IA TITAN speeds detection and response time by operationalising threat intelligence and uniting your security tools under one platform. 


IA TITAN manages ingesting intelligence from many disparate sources, including:


IA TITAN takes raw threat data and turns it into rich, usable intelligence:

Empowering the Investment Management Community

IA TITAN provides tools to make investment managers more efficient and increase the effectiveness of their use of threat intelligence. The platform includes user-friendly features such as:

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Online demo

Watch a demo about IA Titan below: