Investment20/20 is the investment management’s careers service with a specific focus on widening access to diverse talent at entry level. 

Through our extensive early careers programme, we reach, inspire and attract school and college leavers as well as  graduates, outside of our industry’s usual recruitment grounds.

Trainees join our industry through a low risk and cost effective 12 month trainee scheme that can sit alongside existing programmes. They participate in centrally-organised training, development and networking with other trainees across the industry.

Investment20/20’s careers and talent strategy facilitates access to those from wider socio economic, ethnic and subject backgrounds encouraging an open and diverse culture.

Over 40 investment management firms participate in Investment20/20 and 75% of trainees are offered a permanent role at the end of their traineeship.

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Attracting Diverse Talent into Investment Management

January 2020
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A future in finance for young people