As lockdown restrictions ease and the vaccine rollout continues, the IA remains committed to the safety and wellbeing of its staff. We are therefore continuing to monitor Government advice on COVID-19 very closely as well as heeding industry practice and adopting measures that minimise the risks. Although some staff members are choosing to partially return to the office, we are still operating under a general practice of working from home. In addition, our meetings, events and in-person training courses are being conducted via online platforms.  

We are particularly proud of the work done by our Future World of Work focus group which has been instrumental in helping us navigate this next chapter as an organisation. At the heart of this is how we can best serve our members and create a future that is inclusive. We will continue to think innovatively as we plan our next steps.   Another priority for us and our members has been the promotion of better mental health, which the pandemic has brought into sharp focus for many. This year we launched the IA Mental Health Hub. The Hub is designed to be a valuable instrument for IA members - bringing together the vast range and in-depth expertise, resources, and support, all in one place.  In addition to this, acting as a central source of support to our members continues to be a priority for us, as well as focusing on the impact the last year has had on the millions of people whose money we ultimately manage - savers and pensioners.   

Therefore, we remain in ongoing conversation with regulators, Government, and others in our industry to represent concerns or issues faced and ensure our members can continue to fulfil their duties in managing the long-term savings people have invested during these uncertain times.   The last year has presented many challenges for savers and investors, but as lockdown measures continue to ease, we will continue to do all we can to support savers and investors and help prepare them for the times ahead. 


Press releases and statements 

Our latest press releases and statements during COVID-19 crisis. Available here.

Member information

Please be advised that if you are a member of the Investment Association you can log in to access a range of resources. If you are part of an IA member firm but do not have log in details for the website, please complete the registration form here.


COVID-19 expert pages 

This section of our members’ website provides support, information on best practice and acts as a staging post for government recommendations, regulatory guidelines and common issues firms are facing. Please click here to view.


COVID-19 briefing bulletin

Receive an update on the latest IA activity on behalf of the industry as well as what government and regulators are saying in relation to COVID-19. Click here to view.


Virtual webinars and training 

Our programme of webinars and virtual events and training is available here to view. 

Industry efforts during COVID-19 crisis 

Across our membership, firms are donating money and setting up other key initiatives at a local and global level to help with the pandemic, including: 

  • continuing to pay small-scale suppliers even though their services and products aren’t being used during the lockdown
  • retaining an external catering company and their staff to continue cooking in an empty office in order to keep them in business. The food is donated to homeless shelters and helps to provide packed lunches for local schools.
  • offering unused flats in London, meant for the firm’s staff, to NHS staff
  • increasing the number of paid volunteering days 
  • working with local food banks and as well as existing partnering charities to ensure they continue to exist after the pandemic
  • donations to research funds, NET, global relief efforts as well as those who are supporting vulnerable people


If you are a partner firm of Investment20/20 and would like further information and support on how to manage your talent programmes during this time, please email the team on [email protected]


To find out about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on property funds specifically, you can find all the details from the Association of Real Estate Funds (a partner firm of the Investment Association). Click here to find out more.