Here you can find statistics for funds under management in a range of formats and by asset, going back up to 10 years.

Most recent data available: January 2023


  • Figures: All figures are in £ millions. Figures have therefore been rounded to the nearest £ million. Where a chart shows a value of £0 - this indicates a figure below £500,000.
  • Revisions: Each month small revisions to the figures may have been made since the previous release. This reflects additional information received.
  • Funds under management: From January 2007 Investment Association funds under management figures include additional institutional funds which were not previously included in the statistics.
  • Asset types: (Equity, Fixed Income etc) are defined in terms of the Investment Association sectors included. To see which sectors are allocated to each asset type, see the table 'Statistics by sector - Sector summary - asset type by sector'.
  • Figures include double counting of investments through funds of funds (FOFs). Assets are counted first as investment in a FOF and then as FOF investment in other funds. This gives the best asset breakdown of investors' choices since the Investment Association cannot identify FOFs holdings of funds by asset.