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Essential support for current and aspiring NEDs in the investment management industry.  

The IA NED Forum provides current and aspiring Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) with access to an array of online resources, such as research and reports from IA technical experts and supporting organisations, and four free briefing and networking events per year.  

Current and aspiring NEDs can sign up to become IA NED Forum members. The benefits include accessing exclusive NED Forum content, receiving updates via email on regulatory and policy issues that impact the industry, and obtaining discounted costs on training and events.

"NEDs have an important role to play in the industry, holding executives to account, influencing a firm’s culture and, importantly, putting investors at the heart of decision making. We recognise that NEDs require support in fulfilling their roles. The IA NED Forum resource provides an understanding of the general obligations and expectations of NEDs, together with specific requirements for iNEDs on AFM boards, and opportunities to share good practice and network with peers."
Pauline Hawkes-Bunyan, Director Business: Risk, Culture & Resilience
Background and introduction
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Following the Asset Management Market Study in 2018, the FCA brought in a series of new rules to enforce more robust governance arrangements and drive competitive pressure in regard to funds. These measures subsequently increased the responsibilities of AFM boards, and fund managers have since been required to appoint at least two iNEDs to support and constructively challenge the board in its oversight of the fund to ensure that it is managed in the best interest of all investors. NEDs are also responsible for fostering a good culture – shaping values, behaviours and standards across the industry.  

Just before these rules came into force in September 2019, we launched the ‘IA iNED Club’ to support current and aspiring iNEDs within the investment management industry. While we have always welcomed both iNEDs and NEDs to utilise this initiative, we have updated the resources that are available to our members, and it is timely to rebrand to reflect the breadth of membership. Therefore, this portal is now called the IA NED Forum

The aim of the IA NED Forum is to provide an understanding of the obligations and expectations of NEDs generally, together with specific requirements for iNEDs on AFM boards. Our NED resources go right to the heart of fund governance, and conduct risk, and are helping ensure that NEDs are able to bring their wide breadth of knowledge and experience to their boards. Whether it is challenging the quality of information that boards receive, shaping funds’ strategic direction, or managing their culture or emerging risks, NEDs are making important contributions to the good management of funds.

Our IA NED Forum Resource Library provides access to an array of resources, such as research and reports from IA technical experts and supporting organisations. These are designed to assist those that are new to our industry in getting up to speed with the latest policy developments, as well as providing important insights into topical issues for those already steeped in industry practice. 

In addition, the IA NED Forum offers four free briefing and networking events per year to the NED community. These events provide a safe space and inclusive environment in which to discuss issues and resources to help NEDs fulfil their role. Previous topics covered at IA briefings include Value Assessments and Operational Resilience, as well as Culture, and Diversity & Inclusion. We encourage you to join our next FREE briefing, details of this and other events and training can be found here

Current and aspiring NEDs can sign up to become IA NED Forum members. You will gain access to exclusive NED Forum content, and receive updates from Pauline Hawkes-Bunyan, ExCo Director responsible for the IA NED Forum and Business: Risk, Culture & Resilience team, on current regulatory and policy issues that impact the investment management industry.

We are also keen to bring new expertise from outside financial services onto fund boards in order to provide fresh perspectives and creative contributions on governance. For those NEDs that are new to the industry, or require a better understanding of the regulatory regimes that the sector must comply with, there are a number of practical training courses that we provide to bring your knowledge up to speed. Members of the IA NED Forum are also offered reduced fees on training and events.   

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Please access our library for key information provided by IA technical experts and supporting organisations.

  1. Corporate Governance
  2. Culture 
  3. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)
  4. Future world of work 
  5. Senior Managers and Certification Regime
  6. Value Assessments 
  7. Operational Resilience 
  8. Cyber resilience 
  9. Sustainable and Responsible Investment 
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Events & Training:

We welcome you to search our programme of training courses and development webinars created for NEDs. These services are provided by the IA’s pool of expert trainers and leading professional service firms. Please click here to view our current schedule. A list of our previous webinars can also be found here, which provides access to the webinar recordings and supporting materials.


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