Navigating the Future World of Work

The pandemic has, and will continue to shape the economy, society, and future working environment. At the IA, we recognise that the future of work is something our industry is working hard to navigate and create working models that are inclusive for all.

To help support our members, we have collated the latest thinking from leading experts in investment management and beyond on what the future of work might look like. 

The Future World of Work is a series of thought leadership pieces and case studies designed to generate discussion and help investment managers navigate the workplace of the future.

The project focuses on these main areas: 

1.    The office of the future
2.    Culture and conduct
3.    Working patterns and practices
4.    Skills and behaviours 

These are underpinned by two other crucial topics for the industry: diversity and inclusion considerations and the evolving regulatory environment. 

The UK is a global leader in investment management, which brings immense benefits to communities all across the UK, and savers looking for guidance and access to the best products available. Attracting and retaining the highest calibre of investment talent is crucial if the UK wants to remain competitive. This is why it is even more important to create an attractive working environment that is diverse and inclusive. 

Throughout the pandemic, our industry has demonstrated its ability to adapt quickly and efficiently in the face of uncertainty and now, with the final COVID restrictions easing, we are approaching the next stage of this transition. 

We hope this thought leadership project helps firms shape their thinking as they consider the lessons learnt from the previous months and how to take these forward. Our aim is also to help companies embrace new ideas and new innovations, as well as prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

This is not a prescriptive document, and we recognise that no individual or organisation will have all the answers, nor will every suggestion be suitable for each individual or firm. We have collected thoughts from a wide variety of sources – creating a detailed framework for how each company can find their own optimal approach to the future of working.  

The Future Wold of Work can be found here

Thank you to all of our contributors. 

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