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Q3 market insights and Q4 look ahead

Miranda Seath, Head of Market Insight at the IA, looks back on the third quarter of 2020 and attempts to spot clues as to what we might expect in the final quarter of the year.
Miranda Seath

How can investment managers help solve the sustainability puzzle?

Driving change in sustainable finance is multi-layered, multi-actor and it involves multiple choices. It works best when each new initiative has a clear objective; when each actor contributes in a way that fits their particular role, strengths and responsibilities; and when we clearly communicate which specific piece of the sustainability puzzle we’re working on.
Jess Foulds

Investment managers must meet consumer demand for responsible funds

The pandemic has brought into sharp relief how our lives around the world are inextricably linked, both through the global spread of coronavirus, but also how we’ve come together within our communities to tackle and build back better from this crisis.
Chris Cummings

Your own personal NAV

Some of you will be familiar with the concept of a fund’s net asset value (NAV) which tallies up the assets and liabilities in an investment portfolio and provides a net worth figure that you can then compare over time. If you are like me, you might try to figure out your own personal NAV by using a spreadsheet to keep track of your income and spending to make sure your personal finances are on track.
John Allan

Artificial intelligence – are you ready?

With increased fee and margin compression, investment managers are turning to innovative solutions to meet the business questions of the day. How does the potential of AI fit into this?
Gillian Painter

New fraud risk targeting investors

Fraudsters and criminals have exploited the uncertainty of the COVID-19 lockdown to scam savers and investors. But how, and what should firms be on the lookout for to protect investors’ money?
Adrian Hood

Operational resilience through the COVID lens

In the COVID-19 operating environment, operational resilience is back at the top of the agenda. Take a look at the conclusions of our Operational Resilience Committee’s Business Services Working Group and the new guidance we’ve just issued.
Pauline Hawkes-Bunyan