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IA brings greater transparency to FX algorithmic trading

Investment managers are among the increasingly common users of FX algos to conduct their trades. With this in mind, the Investment Association (IA) has today published an FX Algo Due Diligence Questionnaire, created by its members to establish a common framework for the request of information from clients to their FX algo providers.
Hugo Gordon

ETFs pass the pandemic stress test

The IA is today publishing its latest research paper on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)  that seeks to explore in detail the performance and resilience of these funds during coronavirus. 
Hugo Gordon

Going green – the UK looks to issues its first green gilts

The government’s plan for a new Sovereign Green Bond, announced on the 9th November, has the potential to play a key role in financing a greener economy as the UK looks to achieve net zero by 2050. While the investment management industry keenly awaits full details of the government’s plans, we are supportive of the initial proposal, and indeed have been calling for this type of gilt.
Chris Cummings

Q3 market insights and Q4 look ahead

Miranda Seath, Head of Market Insight at the IA, looks back on the third quarter of 2020 and attempts to spot clues as to what we might expect in the final quarter of the year.
Miranda Seath

How can investment managers help solve the sustainability puzzle?

Driving change in sustainable finance is multi-layered, multi-actor and it involves multiple choices. It works best when each new initiative has a clear objective; when each actor contributes in a way that fits their particular role, strengths and responsibilities; and when we clearly communicate which specific piece of the sustainability puzzle we’re working on.
Jess Foulds