IA-FCA Webinar on new Public Offer and Admissions to Trading Regime


The FCA and IA are co-hosting a webinar on 09 May to discuss the new Public Offer and Admissions to Trading Regime. These reforms, first identified as part of the Hill review and to be implemented using powers taken forward in the Financial Services and Markets Bill currently passing through Parliament, will replace the current Prospectus Regime in the UK with the aim of making regulation in this area more agile and effective, facilitating wider participation in the ownership of public companies, and delegating a greater degree of responsibility for the regime to the FCA. These reforms include:

  • A new public offer architecture
  • Amendments to rules on admissions to trading on Regulated Markets and Multilateral Trading Facilities
  • Amendments to liability thresholds for forward-looking information to make inclusion of such information easier
  • Reforms to requirements for offers of securities not admitted to trading
  • An enhanced scope of the Public Offer Regime

The FCA will provide members with some further background and context to the overall reforms, outline their planned engagement process, and highlight some key areas of policy focus, with an opportunity for Q&A. This is a great opportunity for members to engage with the FCA on this vital topic for member firms and UK markets as a whole.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn about the context and background to the proposed reforms.
  • Hear from the FCA on their planned engagement process.
  • Discover key areas of focus for the FCA.

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