IA Viewpoint with Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby CMG


Join us for a special IA Viewpoint with Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby CMG, Head of the UK Mission to the European Union, to discuss the UK’s relationship with the EU on financial services. Ambassador Croisdale-Appleby will share his ambitions for the UK’s new relationship with the EU post-Brexit, and the UK’s plans to engage EU institutions over the coming months. Topics discussed will include:

  • The state of the current relationship between the UK and the EU, and to what extent this is shaping thinking on access for financial services.
  • What to expect from the first Joint UK/EU Financial Regulatory Cooperation Forum and how the industry can be involved in shaping its agenda,
  • How the UK plans to cooperate in international for a with the EU on areas of mutual interests, such as the sustainable finance agenda and ensuring stable, efficient capital markets; and
  • Where the tension points may lie in the relationship given the ambitious reform agenda in both the EU and the UK on financial services later this year.

The Viewpoint will be chaired by Chris Cummings, Chief Executive of the IA.

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