IA Viewpoint with Lord Deben


We are delighted to be joined by Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), for an exclusive IA Viewpoint webinar. This Viewpoint will be the latest in a series of events as the UK hosts COP26 and the industry maps out our path to net zero.

Lord Deben has consistently championed an identity between environmental concerns and business sense and was the longest-running UK Secretary of State for the Environment. In addition to his role on the CCC and sitting in the House of Lords, he also leads a corporate responsibility consultancy focusing on environmental, social and ethical issues.

The session will provide an opportunity to discuss key issues such as:

  • Introduction to the role of the CCC
  • What was new in the 6th carbon budget
  • Overview on how the transition will impact the economy
  • Views on the need for sector pathways to transition
  • How the industry can support transition

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