Looking to the Future of SM&CR


The events of the last year have presented significant challenges to Firm’s Board and Senior Management including the execution of their responsibilities under the Senior Manager’s Regime. The approach to undertaking effective oversight, demonstrating reasonable steps and upholding the cultural values within organisations has been tested as the vast majority of staff suddenly moved to home working. As we emerge from the most recent lockdown it seems that increased remote working is here to stay and most firms intend to operate a “hybrid model” of some degree going forward. While this increased flexibility has benefits - to staff morale, retention and the firm’s bottom line - it may require a change in approach from those holding Senior Manager Function responsibilities. In this webinar, BDO will discuss the SMCR implications of the future world of working. We will set out some examples of good practice we have seen over the past year in respect of Senior Manager’s demonstrating reasonable steps and highlight potential challenges and pitfalls.

In this session we will also examine key regulatory priorities and developments through the lens of SMF accountability and oversight. We will consider:

  • ESG and the financial risks arising from climate change
  • The FCA’s expectations with respect to Stewardship
  • Operational Resilience

The session is intended to be interactive and we encourage participants to share their views, through polling and open questions to audience, as we navigate these emerging topics. There is no “one size fits all” approach to meeting the requirements of SMCR and we therefore encourage participants to raise any specific queries they may have on SMCR in the session.

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