Preparation to meet the requirements under UMR for investment managers


About the webinar:

The IA has collaborated with Droit Financial Technologies to present a live webinar on the topic of Uncleared Margin Regulations (UMR). Phases four and five of the IM regulation phase-in, scheduled for September 2019 and September 2020, will see a wide universe of firms come into scope of the rules.

In addition, a scenario of a no deal Brexit will trigger even more challenges for UK and EU trading entities with regards to clearing and uncleared margin obligations.

This webinar gives an outline of the cross-jurisdictional regulatory challenges posed to firms’ operating models with regards to initial margin, and examines solutions for determining eligible transactions, collecting relevant data and repapering. We will discuss the practical implications for business and operating models.

The webinar will cover:

• A discussion of the challenges of determining whether transactions are in scope for applicable uncleared margin regulations: thresholds, cross-jurisdiction eligibility, current and upcoming global regulations
• The importance of collateral agreements being compliant with the regulatory obligations of the respective parties, what are the best outcomes and what are peers doing?
• How intelligent technology can solve some of the challenges, what are the best practices across the street?

The programmer will be of particular interest to UK asset manager investment operations and legal teams.

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