Simplifying surveillance


About the webinar:

Surveillance is complex and can be hard to manage given its breadth and scope, but by breaking it down into simple and effective policies and tying policy to process in a clear and transparent fashion, firms can immediately gain greater confidence in their approach.
It can also provide firms with a deeper understanding of their risks, while at the same time enabling greater efficiencies, flexibility and an increased capability to cope with change.
Please join us for a webinar where we examine best practice approaches to market abuse and surveillance monitoring.

The Webinar covers:

  • The current challenge with cross asset surveillance (addressing FCA’s recent observations)
  • The need for firms to conduct an initial risk assessment of their business in light of MAR
  • Keeping pace with e-Comms surveillance
  • The benefits of combining policy and process with a holistic approach to surveillance
  • Technology’s impact on surveillance processes
  • Challenges of managing attestation across your firm

Please do pass this invitation on to those who may be interested in this topic.

This webinar should be of interest to Investment Managers – across compliance, legal, operations, risk.

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