So you think you don’t need to know about audit? Think again


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Investors and analysts rely on financial information reported by companies in making economic decisions. As outsiders, they rely on the work of independent auditors so they can be confident they can trust that information. But does the investment community know enough about what auditors actually do to reach their conclusions? The auditor’s report, buried within the annual report, is how auditors communicate the results of their audit process, as well as the auditor’s unique view of where the most significant areas of judgement are which could lead to a risk that the financial statements are not true and fair. 

In this webinar, we will talk through what auditors do, as well as what they don’t do, and how a company’s external stakeholders can find out about what’s been done. We will also look at where people think auditors should do more, and some of the barriers to change.

What the webinar will cover:

  • What an audit is, what auditors do and what they don’t do
  • Key concepts to the audit: risk assessment, materiality and scoping
  • Where to find useful information about the audit, auditors and audit quality 
  • What the future holds for audit

This educational webinar on audit will provide an invaluable insight to corporate governance professionals, buy-side analysts and investment managers.

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