Sustainable & Responsible Investment Data: How tech and innovation will reduce risk and improve performance


Sustainability and responsible investing is an industry priority and clients expect an approach that explicitly acknowledges the relevance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. There are many associated opportunities and challenges affecting investment management as we seek to incorporate evolving international standards and client expectations.

Sourcing trusted data on the social and environmental outcomes of companies within investment portfolios has never been more important. The use of data coupled with forward thinking technologies allows for informed investment decisions, reduced risk and greater performance but with so much data available; what are the central factors, where are the gaps and is it possible to really compare apples with apples.

In the TechTalk we’ll be exploring a number of topic areas:

  • The current ESG investment landscape. What are the established and emerging areas of focus?
  • How new domestic and international initiatives and regulations will direct industry behaviour in the UK
  • What the data really tells us and how technology will enable consistency and comparative capability

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