Top 10 Most Common Transaction Reporting Errors and How to Fix Them



With many firms struggling identify errors in their reporting, and others struggling to fix them, this webinar provides practical insights into the causes and remedies to some of the most common reporting problems.

The discussion focuses on a range of specific fields and how they should be populated for buy-side firms in a variety of different scenarios, and look at ways of remedying the errors and preventing reoccurrence. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to transaction reporting, there are many aspects and interpretations of the regime that are common to most if not all firms.

Trade and Transaction Reporting: Fast is Fine, but Accuracy is Everything

MiFIR / EMIR transaction reporting review complimentary one-time reporting analysis to help identify the percentage of your reports featuring an error

Peer Analysis Infographic | MIFIR Transaction Reporting: Perception vs. Reality

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