Corporate governance COVID-19 update

Commenting on dividend payments in the current climate, Chris Cummings, Chief Executive of the Investment Association, said:

“Investment managers seek to deliver long-term returns on behalf of individual savers and institutions such as pension schemes and charities, and they recognise the need for the wider economy to be supported during this unprecedented crisis.

"We see three key points in addressing the dividend challenge.

"First, we expect boards to be taking decisions on their dividends based on what is best for their business over the long term; they will have to decide if any dividend payment is sustainable in light of the current market conditions and business needs.

"Second, investment managers would certainly expect companies to follow the guidance of their regulator and have been supportive of companies that have stopped their dividend to retain much needed cash for the business so far. 

"Third, importantly, we should not lose sight of the crucial role of dividends for the wider economy, and the current situation should not be used as an opportunity to rebase or reduce the dividend unnecessarily. Shareholders would expect companies to restart them as soon as it is prudent to do so.”


Commenting on executive pay in the current climate, Chris Cummings, Chief Executive of the Investment Association, said:

“Executive pay should always be linked to long term company performance and take account of the shareholder experience, not just financial performance. If companies are stopping dividend payments, boards and remuneration committees should be considering how this impacts on executive pay both for the current year and also in relation to the year the dividend was for.”

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