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Investing for the Future – where do funds go from here?

At the IA Annual Conference in July, we launched ‘Investing for the future: three potential paths for a tech-powered UK funds industry’. The report outlined a vision for Investment Fund 3.0, built on technological transformation, a forward-looking regulatory framework and improved engagement with customers. The original publication was covered widely by press, including in The Financial Times, The Times and City AM, invigorating the conversation about where the fund industry will head next and what needs to be done to achieve meaningful progress.
John Allan

IA updates Climate Change Position and Action Plan

In 2020 – 12 months ahead of the UK hosting COP26 – the IA published an industry position on climate change. This paper had two main goals – one, to publicly recognise climate change as one of the single biggest systemic risks facing society and planet today and two, to serve as a blueprint for our industry’s commitment to specific action, including working with UK government, businesses and our members to accelerate change.   
Sally Springer

Cyber attacks – 'when’ not ‘if’

Cyber security has always been, and continues to be, an important subject. It is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ a cyber-attack will affect you.
Clara de Montfort