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Membership benefits

Membership of The IA provides significant benefits including; the opportunity to be actively involved in the future development of the investment management industry in the UK, Europe and Internationally. As a principal industry trade body, we provide the industry voice on the legal, regulatory and fiscal landscapes whilst supporting members with industry insights, analysis, training and expertise.

Our four membership categories cater for the wide range of organisations that make up and support the investment management industry. Below highlights the key benefits of each type of membership but for more detail please see here.



We define full members as an authorised firm / person that provides investment management products and services in the UK, or which operate UK-authorised investment funds.


We define affiliate members as companies that provide associated services to full IA members. (legal, consultancy, advisory, administration etc.)


We define FinTech membership as companies providing technology solutions to the investment management and capital markets industry.



Sector members are for firms who wish to classify their funds in the IA Sectors but not participate in the wider industry activities of the IA.


International membership is designed for regulated investment managers outside of the UK that do not have a UK Investment Management function, and do not currently market funds to the UK.

Investment20/20 is the investment management's talent solution with a specific focus on widening access to diverse talent at entry level. Through our extensive early careers programme, we reach, inspire and attract school and college leavers as well as graduates, outside of our industry’s usual recruitment grounds.


Membership subscriptions are based on market share for full members, and a set fee for affiliates and sector members.

For further information, please contact our Membership team [email protected] or 020 7831 0898