Data plays an important part in our role as a trade body, as it does for our members’ day-to-day jobs. Our research and market insight provides an accessible and authoritative source of information and analysis on the industry and the changing environment in which it operates.

Investment Management in the UK 2022-2023

The IA annual survey provides a snapshot of the UK industry in a European and wider international context. It contains hundreds of data points on trends in how firms invest for their customers and how the industry is evolving. Our research reports cover a wide range of areas. These include the industry’s wider economic contribution and the activity of investment firms as stewards of companies in which they invest.

Each month, we have a particular focus on trends in the investment fund market. You can view data in different categories ­– for example, by fund sales, funds under management, by sector, by performance, as well as by monthly company rankings. A lot of our data is publicly available.

Non-members can purchase a full range of historical monthly sector and aggregated data going back to 1992. For more information, email our statistics team at [email protected].

*Please note: data is uploaded approximately one month behind. This is due to the time it takes to collate, analyse and publish data*

Our industry in Numbers

Jobs across the asset management sector

Jobs across the investment management sector

British households using the services of an asset manager
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British households using the services of an investment manager

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