Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Data Survey 2022-23 – Key Findings


The IA is committed to supporting its members in their EDI journeys and believes an evidence-based understanding of the EDI landscape in the UK investment management industry can meaningfully contribute to fostering a diverse industry and inclusive culture.

The IA has published the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Data Survey 2022-23 in partnership with the Thinking Ahead Institute. The report provides a snapshot of the investment management industry’s UK workforce across a range of characteristics, as well as information on the breadth of initiatives, processes and policies being implemented by member firms to promote inclusive workplaces and to attract and retain diverse talent.

In the context of the FCA’s CP23/20 on diversity and inclusion in the financial sector, Shrena Fraser Johnson (Culture, Talent and Inclusion Specialist) and Evan Grace Frenkel (Research Analyst) will present key findings from the report and discuss some of the challenges and successes members are experiencing on their EDI journeys.

The IA welcomes feedback and encourages member firms to share questions with our team ahead of the webinar. For feedback and/or questions, please contact Shrena and Evan at [email protected].

Key topics:

  • An industry snapshot across key attributes
  • Diversity data collection processes
  • Approaches to ensuring equitable recruitment practices
  • Strategies for identifying barriers to progression
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Measuring culture

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