Trends in Global Shareholder Litigation: Implementing a Governance Policy


Trends in global

During recent years, the global shareholder litigation landscape has become increasingly fractured and complex. More organizers are pursuing more opportunities in more countries. Established jurisdictions are changing their laws and ways of managing matters, and funders are offering new ways to monetize claim value. All of this has created practical challenges for fund fiduciaries and their advisers tasked with managing things. 

This webinar does not focus on this litigation but on the operational challenges flowing from it. We discuss how leading institutions and their advisers have been anticipating the challenges and putting in place processes and procedures before they are needed, significantly reducing administrative burdens when those needs inevitably occur. 

During the program we will identify many of the challenges - some unique to fund owners and others unique to investment managers - and suggest ways to keep ahead of the curve and achieve operational efficiency. 

Key Learning Objectives: 
• Overall trends impacting the market 
- Trends in securities and antitrust litigation 
- Trends in monetizing claim value 
- Synthetic investments 

• What this means for fiduciaries/beneficial owners 
- Implementation of policies in line with Corporate Governance strategy 
- Leveraging technology - what can be automated to streamline the recovery process 

• What this means for investment managers 
- Unique ways this affects advisers 
- Need to implement policies beforehand 
- Tesco litigation example

  • Board members, senior executives, and others responsible for fund governance
  • Counsel, compliance professionals, and anyone tasked with responding to investment losses caused by corporate malfeasance
  • Operational teams responsible for claim form preparation, filing, and related functions
  • Investment advisors on the front lines for client issues and needs in this area

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