Shrena Fraser Johnson

Call For Evidence: Sexism in the city

The UK Treasury Committee (Committee) has released a call for evidence on Women in Finance.  The Committee is seeking updates on progress made since its 2018 Report.

The Committee is particularly interested in the following topics in relation to Women in Finance: 

  • The progress in removing the barriers to women entering and progressing their careers across the financial services industry, including progress to financial services firms’ Boards, including executive roles; 
  • The impact of the Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter and any other Government and Regulator initiatives; 
  • The progress on implementing the Treasury Committee’s 2018 recommendations; 
  • The progress on removing gender pay gaps in financial services and in implementing measures to address such gaps; 
  • The role of the Government and financial regulators in:
    • ​​​​​​​Acting as role models for good gender diversity practices,
    • Ensuring appropriate data is collected and published,
    • Marketing the financial industry to a more diverse base of potential recruits, 
    • Ensuring firm cultures, policies and practices support women’s aspirations and progress; and 
  • The role of, and progress of, firms, Government and financial regulators in combatting sexual harassment and misogyny in financial services, and offering effective ways to escalate concerns about sexual harassment. 

The Committee would welcome evidence comparing the financial sector to other sectors of the economy. International comparisons would also be welcome.  

​​​​​​​The IA intends to respond to this call for evidence. If you have any initial reflections or comments, please contact Shrena Fraser Johnson: [email protected] by 11 August. We would welcome bilateral calls with those who would prefer to feed into the call for evidence this way.  

The call for evidence is open for comments until September 1, 2023. 

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