Lucinda Dhesi

Understanding Autism in the Workplace

Influencing Inclusion in Investment Management: Understanding Autism in the Workplace

Investment20/20 have partnered with Ambitious About Autism to provide training on autism in the workplace.

The course is for employers and individuals wanting to improve their understanding of autism and wanting to identify how to support autistic individuals within the workplace. The course will provide a comprehensive overview of the autism spectrum, including how autism presents itself differently in individuals, and how autistic individuals experience the world around them. Equally, we will explore how organisations can work with Investment20/20 to build a sustainable approach to engage and support people with autism in joining investment management.

Key Learning Objectives include:

  • Explore the concept of neurodiversity and how this relates to neurotypical and neurodivergent groups
  • Understand how communication skills, social interaction, social imagination and sensory processing impact on autistic individuals’ lives and working environment
  • Review intersectionality and the links with good working practice for autistic employees
  • Identify the talents and skill sets of autistic individuals
  • Explore the importance identifying and implementing workplace adjustments to support autistic individuals
  • Identify practical tips you can utilise within your day-to-day work practices to support an autistic individual

The training will be delivered via Microsoft Teams on Tuesday 19 September 09:30-12:30 BST. Registration is available here.

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