Fundipedia and the Investment Association collaborate on real-time data service

Fundipedia, a FinTech innovator and member of IA Engine, is collaborating with the Investment Association (IA) to improve an important data service that helps make it easier for the industry to speed up the transfer and re-registration of retail investors’ holdings as they move between platforms. The upgraded IA Common Shareclass Register (CSR) powered by Fundipedia, which contains listings for over 6,000 individual funds for 130 retail-facing investment firms went live on 1 September. 

The CSR was developed by the IA late last year. It displays the commonly available class of funds made available by its members, for the benefit of investment platforms and administrators to assist their class conversions processing.  

Fundipedia, who provide fund data management software and consultancy services to many of the IA’s members, has built an enhanced software platform to host the register, leveraging their existing data, and maintaining participant's data on a real-time basis, for at least five years. This will provide the register in a more timely, user-friendly and visually attractive way than is currently possible.   

Jonathan Lipkin, Director, Policy, Strategy & Research at the Investment Association, said: “The CSR has already become an important data service to the industry, and it’s great news that Fundipedia will now host the register, providing upgraded facilities. This will help our members and the wider funds ecosystem to improve the investment experience for our customers.” 

Simon Swords, Founder and Managing Director of Fundipedia, said: “As a beneficiary of IA’s Engine this is a great opportunity for Fundipedia to practically demonstrate how beneficial FinTech accelerator programmes such as IA Engine can be. We have the technology to benefit the whole investment management sector, so why not use it? It’s a win win for everyone.” 

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About the Investment Association (IA):

  • The IA champions UK investment management, supporting British savers, investors and businesses. Our 250 members manage £8.5 trillion of assets and the investment management industry supports 113,000 jobs across the UK.
  • Our mission is to make investment better. Better for clients, so they achieve their financial goals. Better for companies, so they get the capital they need to grow. And better for the economy, so everyone prospers.
  • Our purpose is to ensure investment managers are in the best possible position to:
    • Build people’s resilience to financial adversity
    • Help people achieve their financial aspirations
    • Enable people to maintain a decent standard of living as they grow older
    • Contribute to economic growth through the efficient allocation of capital.
  • The money our members manage is in a wide variety of investment vehicles including authorised investment funds, pension funds and stocks and shares ISAs.
  • The UK is the second largest investment management centre in the world, after the US and manages over a third (37%) of all assets managed in Europe.

About IA Engine:

Engine is a FinTech Innovation Hub and Accelerator for the Asset Management & Capital Markets industry. With an Advisory Panel consisting of 28 industry practitioners and experts, Engine has been created to accelerate the identification and adoption of new emergent technology across the sector.  

Acting as a ‘hub’ and growing at pace, Engine is showcasing FinTech firms that address industry problems, increasing operational efficiencies and ultimately improving consumer outcomes. Over 150 firms are now active within the Engine ecosystem, operating in over 35 countries. With the creation of regional, national and international bridges to ensure access to the very best solutions, Engine continues to identify and develop a select number of firms through its accelerator – the Engine Innovators Program. 

About Fundipedia:

  • Founded in 2007, Fundipedia provides software and consultancy to the asset management industry. 

  • Used by some of the largest asset managers in the world, the Fundipedia platform delivers innovative technology that enables financial institutions to collect, disseminate and reconcile all of their product data—providing them with end-to-end control, insights that drive smart business decisions and the confidence to meet regulatory demands with ease. 

  • The Fundipedia team includes technology experts, asset management industry veterans, and entrepreneurial builders connected by a common goal to build technology solutions and provide consulting services that help clients make the most of their data. 

About the IA Common Shareclass Register:

Until now, the register was delivered to users via a spreadsheet loaded onto the IA‘s website. The IA Common Shareclass Register powered by Fundipedia is now available at www.commonshareclassregister.org