IA FinTech membership is open to technology firms who provide solutions to the asset management and capital markets industry. As an IA FinTech member you can access all the IA’s online resources, events, surgeries, training and marketing, as well as IA and other industry talks and policy briefings.

Uniquely, as a FinTech Member, you’ll have access to the FinTech Member trademark. This recognises your specific market focus and association with the IA. We’ll also showcase your brand and thought leadership on the Engine website under ‘Firms to Watch’. Engine is our specialist FinTech accelerator and innovation hub for the asset management industry. It’s specifically designed to highlight tech solutions to industry challenges.


Ready to join Engine?

As well as the opportunity to take part in Engine talks and events, FinTech membership means you can apply to join the Engine Innovators Programme. This programme – which chooses up to 10 FinTech firms every six months – aims to identify, develop, and accelerate the adoption of their cutting-edge technology by various entities. These include private equity funds, mutual funds, life insurance companies, unit trusts, hedge funds, and pension funds.


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