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The current suite of data delivery templates covers a range of UK and European requirements. The templates will be reviewed on a periodic basis and updates will be issued where appropriate.

Latest News

3 February 2023

Version 2 of the Carbon Emissions Template (CET) published incorporating a new portfolio alignment metric and changes relating to sovereign debt and derivatives.

18 January 2023

Version 1.1.1 of the European ESG Template (EET V1.1.1) published incorporating changes relating to disclosures about fossil gas and nuclear energy investments.

UK Initiatives

Supporting pension schemes

In the UK a number of templates have been developed with the aim of providing information to pension schemes in standardised formats.

Most recently, members of the PLSA, ABI and IA worked together to develop a template for investment managers to deliver TCFD data to pension schemes.

Other initiatives include the Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI), aimed primarily at standardising cost disclosures for DB pension schemes, and the DC workplace pensions template, designed to fulfil investment manager's obligations under COBS 19.8 regarding the provision of transaction cost data.

Carbon Emissions Template (CET)

The Joint PLSA/ABI/IA Working Group has issued the second edition of the Carbon Emissions Template (CET) to help pension schemes meet their obligations under the Climate Change Governance and Reporting Regulations, and associated DWP Statutory Guidance. This edition reflects updates to the Regulations, Statutory Guidance, and the PCAF Standard.

This version builds on the first edition by adding a basic portfolio alignment metric, developing the information about sovereign debt, and introducing the capacity to provide information related to derivatives.

We would welcome feedback in light of implementation experiences and suggestions for further developments.

Last update: 3 February 2023

Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI)

The CTI launched a new cost transparency framework in May 2019 aimed primarily at DB pension schemes. The framework builds on proposals put forward by the IA in March 2017 and the recommendations of the Institutional Disclosure Working Group (IDWG) in June 2018. The framework is underpinned by the Institutional Cost Template (a machine-readable codification of the data set). An excel datasheet also provides a visual representation of the data fields.

  • The "Data Loader" tool enables data output in the Institutional Cost Template (ICT) format (machine-readable data string) to be converted into the main account template format (human-readable excel sheet).
  • The "Monetary Inputter" tool allows manual input of monetary amounts into the main account template and for these amounts to be converted to percentages. This is aimed primarily at segregated mandates.

Additional guidance for real estate funds can be found on the AREF website.

DC workplace pensions (DCPT)

A joint ABI/IA working group developed the DC Workplace Pensions Template (DCPT) and the Fair Value mid-Price Template (FVPT) for the purpose of providing insurers with transaction costs data in accordance with COBS 19.8.4R. DCPT V1.0 was issued in December 2017 and FVPT V1.0 was issued in May 2018.

The IA and ABI modified the DCPT to take account of changes to the rules in COBS 19.8 and issued DCPT V1.1 issued in April 2020. The changes are minor and affect only the definitions of existing fields 02010 and 02080. DCPT V1.1 should be used only when reporting for periods ending on or after 1 April 2020.

European Initiatives

Financial Data Exchange (FinDatEx)

FinDatEx (Financial Data Exchange) is a joint structure established by representatives of the European financial services industry with the view to coordinate, organise and carry out standardisation work to facilitate the exchange of data between stakeholders in the application of European financial markets legislation, such as MiFID II, PRIIPs, Solvency II and SFDR.

FinDatEx’s mission is to support the development and use of standardised technical templates to facilitate the exchange of data between stakeholders in the application of European Financial market legislation. To find out more and to sign up for information from any of the working groups, please visit

MiFID II working group (EMT and EFT)

FinDatEx issued version 4 of the European MiFID Template (EMT V4) in March 2022 together with the new European ESG MiFID Template. FinDatEx recommends providing version 4 of the EMT from 1 August, in order to support the MiFID delegated act that applies from 2 August. EMT V4 replaces both V3 and V3.1 with effect from 31 July 2022.

FinDatEx issued the European Feedback Template (EFT V1) in December 2020. This template standardizes the information to be sent back from the distributor to the manufacturer under the MiFID II target market requirements.

Last update: 14 March 2022

ESG working group (EET)

FinDatEx issued the new European ESG Template (EET V1.1.1) in January 2023 to take account of the newly adopted amendments to the SFDR RTS and annexes concerning disclosures about fossil gas and nuclear energy investments. EET V1.1.1 will co-exist with V1 and V1.1 until 30 April 2023.

FinDatEx issued the new European ESG Template (EET V1.1) in October 2022 incorporating corrections to the original template. It is accompanied by an 'explainer' of the main changes. FinDatEx recommends providing the EET V1.1 as of 1 December 2022 with a transition period where V1 and V1.1 will co-exist until 30 April 2023.

A further revision is expected in the first half of 2023 to take account of ESMA's recently revised MiFID suitability guidelines.

FinDatEx issued the new European ESG Template (EET V1) in March 2022 together with version 4 of the European MiFID Template (EMT V4).

FinDatEx provided a series of recorded presentations to accompany the EET V1 in addition to a series of explanatory slides.

Last update: 18 January 2023

Solvency II working group (TPT)

Version 6 of the tripartite template (TPT) is valid from 31 March 2022, and replaces version 5 from 30 June 2022.

For more information see our circulars to members:

PRIIPs working group (EPT)

FinDatEx issued version 2.1 of the European PRIIPs Template (EPT V2.1) in September 2022, and an editorial update in October 2022 affecting field 08040, reflecting the revised UK PRIIPs regime. V2.1 will exist in parallel with version 2.

FinDatEx issued version 2 of the European PRIIPs Template (EPT V2) in February 2022 reflecting the revised EU RTS published in December 2021. EPT V2 is intended to be used for products sold in the EEA from January 2023 onwards.

Version 2.1 and version 2.0 will coexist with V2.1 being required to support UK insurers and both versions being suitable for supporting EU insurers.

Last update: 12 October 2022